How targeted search helped our client to build a London presence from the ground up – a presence that put it on the map as it pursued international expansion.

Our client, a North American law firm and a leader in energy, mining and minerals in its native market, had committed to an aggressive international expansion strategy.

Given that a significant proportion of energy investment deals are driven through London, the firm’s expansion into mainland Europe and APAC depended on getting its London proposition right. A strategic alliance with a City law firm had failed to generate sufficient business, so our client now urgently needed its own energy, mining and minerals team in place.

The solution

A dedicated Definitive Consulting team first worked closely with our client to identify a candidate with the right experience, reputation and gravitas to put the firm on the map in London and deliver the revenue required to establish credibility.

But the team knew it could do more.  Having identified the ideal candidate (a Corporate Energy Partner with a focus on mining and minerals) it quickly became clear that there was an opportunity to hire a whole team (four partners and two senior associates).

Over the next six months the team worked to meet every team member and sell our client’s strategy. Each partner was interviewed individually and, based on their feedback, our client was armed with a comprehensive list of ‘deal breakers’ – to ensure that each team member received a tailored, compelling offer.

The outcome

As a result of this targeted and personalised approach, our client was able to secure a series of strategic hires, in the process building a very strong London team.

This has put our client firmly on the London map – winning a huge number of energy, mining and minerals briefs – and given it the launch pad it needed to press ahead with its global expansion strategy.

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